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AKA: Some.Guy, Brian Ball, "Hey, You!"

And now for the stuff you don't care about!

I'm a Software Engineer and I'm currently working in Indiana.

I started drawing Space-for-Rent for the Rose-Hulman Thorn during my senior year in college. I got suckered into covering for a cartoonist that moved to another school. I named the strip Space-for-Rent because I was just holding space until we got a 'real' cartoonist. At the end of the year, I wanted to continue for a few reasons, the most important is that It keeps me sane.

See, during four years at a school made up almost entirely of Engineers and Scientists I had shifted my personality. I'm a geek. Even more of a geek than I was in high school. That's not a bad thing, it's just a realization of my sense of humor.

So, I figured I needed to do more "Artsy" things, things decidedly non-technical. If I wasn't doing this I'd be writing programs in my free time. You don't want that, and I don't either.

As for what I enjoy, if you're that bored, I like the simple things. I play cards with friends at work. I occasionally noodle with either my trumpet, guitar, or keyboard buy I'd rather play Tuba again. I read sci-fi, philosophy, humor, and other stuff. I like poetry, but can't write it for crap. I watch a LOT of TV. I buy a lot of video games, but I don't play many (mostly freecell and nethack). And when I'm really bored, I fool around with Perl, Java, C, and occasionally Scheme (I'm not very good at that one). I also have issues with speling.

I'll answer any other questions as they come in.