Jay's head

Due to popular demand, The cast page has been once again updated. Not all 'Principle' cast members are represented. That will have to come later...

Jay Barnes
OccupationCoffe Shop Clerk
Stray ThoughtSometimes I wish I could stop thinking about some things... about her and Marshmellow Fluff for one.
Favorite BookSnow Crash - Neal Stephenson
Favorite BandLife in General

Justine (Just) Rodriguez
OccupationMusic Retailer
Stray ThoughtI'm very proud of my coaster collection. It's every John Tesh and Yanni CD ever issued!
Favorite BookThe Prince - Niccolo Machiavelle
Favorite BandThey Might Be Giants

Paul O'Brien
OccupationDoes 'Stuff' for Ambigucorp
Stray ThoughtIf I create an interoperability module and wire it to a PIC and a Din-5 I could reboot the server with my Korg.
Favorite BookWhere Wizards Stay Up Late - Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon
Favorite BandThe Cure

Faye Robinson
OccupationPR Consultant
Stray ThoughtOh, God! What would Pooh do? Ask Cristopher Robin? Where did I put my phone...
Favorite BookDon Quixote - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Favorite BandSarah Mclachlan

Katrina (Kay) Robinson
OccupationDoes other 'Stuff' for Ambigucorp
Stray ThoughtDon't Bother. Most kittens are so skinny it's not worth the meat to skin them.
Favorite BookA Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
Favorite BandThe Smiths

Mary Simon
OccupationVenture Capitalist
Stray ThoughtLet me get this straight. You want $700,000 to ramp up production of scented Doggy Scoops?
Favorite BookAnything about Warren Buffett
Favorite BandThe Rolling Stones