Jay's head


A quick over view. Space-for-Rent is a web based comic done to 'flex' my 'mad skillz' in art and writing. Hey, I try. It centers mostly around a coffee shop clerk named Jay. He works in Grounds for Dismissal. His best friend is Just, a record store clerk. Stuff happes to them and their friends. Eventually, I'll find a plot, but until then you'll have to put up with it.

SO, you were wondering where the great opus that is Space-for-Rent came from? It's kinda simple. But long. Bace your self.

I started drawing durring my last round of finals of my senior year in highschool. I had to kill time till the end of the period. When I went to college, Herb convinced me to use this creative outlet to sort out my muddled mind. It worked to a degree. I have 'Closed' that scetchbook, but some pictures are up on my art page. Anyway, While on a plane I was trying to draw myself as a cartoon character, but couldn't remember what they looked like. I gave it the old 'College Try' as they say. The woman next to me asked if I did my own characters or if I was doing someone elses. She then told me she liked the open, trusting naive, dumb eyes. I chewed her out with a lot of swearing, on the inside. I had to agree. Anyway, about 1998, my roomate Adam and I were both becoming obsessed with web comics like Goats and Sluggy Freelance. He also had a fixation with that lame piece of crap by Illiad (not that I'm better ...). So When I drew a couple of cartoon faces on the whiteboard on our door, he demanded electronic versions. I caved. The result was Blumberg 204. I still owe him a drawing of his wife. When the cartoonist for the school paper, The Rose Thorn, moved to another school the editor asked me to fill in. That's where the name comes from. I was holding space. But I did a run until about the end of the year of weekly gag stips. Since I was graduating that year, I decided to continue the strip online, since I no longer had a paper and almost all my fans had graduated. So, on Jan 19th 2001, I started Space-for-Rent.net to almost no notice. My fans aren't vocal. Or if they are, it's only on the rare occation then talk to me.

After doing s4r for a while (6 months) I realized that I was not happy with it. I had no real plot, the characters where starting to blend, I'd rushed many things and ignored others. I also had no positive feedback to contradict this (except for people asking when I'm accepting credit cards on my site?). So I went soul searching. I decided to come back with a miniseries, but durring plot development, I realized that sucked. Instead, I figured I'd keep the same characters, move on from where they are, and actually plot some things out. Hopefully, this will work. This second phase was launched on Jan 19th 2002. Happy friggin' Birthday to me.